I did the sleeve drawings (inside and outside) for Mondo´s newest publication TYPECASTS, a 228 pg book edited by Ruby Paloma and Nicolas Siepen. It accompanied the exhibition Freigänger/Open Prison, a project initiated and curated by Crispin Gurholt and Helga-Marie Nordby, set in a former womens prison in Berlin-Lichterfelde.

From a former womens prison in Berlin, to Jean Genet and the Black Panter Party, Jim Crow Laws, the Scandinavian incarceration model, Trump´s detention centers (or rather, what Liberals call “concentration camps”), the criminilization of outlaws, indigenous, and other marginized groups, this book explores the concepts of “imprisonment” and “freedom”- and looks at the ways in which modern liberal societies criminalize individuals and social groups through laws, confinement, isolation, torture, rehabilitation, and ultimately, how people have the power to resist and organize and against it.

With contributions by Claudia Basrawi, Matti Aikio, Ruby Paloma, Nicolas Siepen, Michel Foucault, James Baldwin, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Jean-François Staszak.

It´s currently available at Mondo Bookstore (Tromsø) HKW (Berlin) Pro QM (Berlin).