Tried to get into art school in 1981.  I was easily discouraged, because they did not except me at the time. I started to draw again in 2015. Wanted to have something to hang on the walls of my apartment, framed artwork. I felt it was about time to get settled. This was the initial motivation. Things went nicely because I found the right pencils in a small shop in my neighborhood. The brand name is LYRA. Now I am also using Prisma Color and Faber Castell Polychromes.

The colors are strong. I found out just recently, that looking at colors and wearing them makes me feel more confident and alive. I am now seeing things in a different light, literally. So here are some examples of my drawings. I started with Van Gogh and yesterday I even tried the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.


To copy is fine as a beginner, because you get the knack after a while how to recreate this 2D world some one else did before you. In the end it looks like your own individual work anyway, if your care about it or not. I am also drawing friends and even people that I have never seen before. Animals are quite cool as well, because they give me the chance to work on the proportions of the body.


I also inherited a pair of magnifying classes. So I am sitting there with my eyes very close to the paper looking at all the little details.


Erdinç Güler

After a while I am sucked into the drawing.

The title „The Sun and Homo Sapiens Sapiens“ because that is what I am currently reading. A book about time travel by Jim Al Khalil and the history of  Sapiens by  Yuval Harari.

Anna May Wong and Tom Schilling

Both books put things into an extra stellar perspective especially when the things here on earth are getting ruff. „The spaceship earth“ another topic I am reading about. The most entertaining source is Jay Forrester in „All watched over by Machines of Loving and Grace.“

Also love:

The Door in the Wall by H.G. Wells.


2017-03-04-PHOTO-00001274 2

Rahel Savoldelli