The mountains are covered in snow. The orange tree, still in bloom, is giving away its fragrance. It is March. Some people who come here might say – I want to change my life! Because they see that living can be done differently. But the days are numbered. And it’s hard to get some rest. But the things will come to pass. A man is sitting in the shade of the terrace du Café. He is wearing a white shirt that reflects the sun. Sitting there writing, he gazes in the air from time to time. I imagine him being an artist, a writer or philosopher, someone like Mohamed Choukri or Driss ben Hamed Charhadi. I imagine that he is helping out in his family’s business and yet not wanting to be a merchant. I am sitting not far from him, looking the other way when his eyes meet mine .

 But without this trade, there would be much less communication and exchange. So, anyone who stops to look at the goods is asked about his language and origin. And the merchants introduce themselves.

 „I am Berber ! and this is Berber tea! „

 „And what ’s in there? „

 “ I invite you ! „

 Anise, gum arabic, a root that is called ginseng, a panacea . The Berber Munzif throws a splitter into the mix , a white mineral.

„It is like this ,“ I say, taking a sip of Berber tea that tastes of eucalyptus – “ to be really far away and at the same time bearing the home heavily in your heart – not like an anchor , but like a tug , or a piece of clothing that you cannot cast off. That‘s how it feels . „

 „But you can still wash the clothes.“

 „Without taking them off ? „

 „Without taking them off !“



One must not always be naked

 In this country, everyone has guzzled wisdom with a spoon. And also in all honors and hassles one is superior to the Europeans who rarely bear this fact. Refusing it like a child who wants to go through every experience by itself .

 Once there were dwellings built deeply into the earth .Says one of the wise men. Fourteen stories deep , only much flatter than today’s rooms and floors. One of these lodges, or let‘s call them caves, was still very young. It was the Fifth Element and came to fame later in the Indian medicine .

 Thanks to my feet I ‚m making good progress. I want to get to know the fifth element in its original form and wash my clothes without taking them off .

 One alley is very long and straight, not angled . I forgot to mention that I ‚m still on the search for the straight path! The alley is like a tunnel without a roof. Therein children and young people move dressed in color. Some throw stones , but not at me. There are deep troughs or inputs in the walls of the houses , half a meter high, dark and cool. My view is that of a camera slowly and steadily slipping off the alley. Everyone is a strictly choreographed extra. At the end of the tunnel I see two teenage girls in long robes that part in a dispute. One comes up to me , while the other is disappearing backwards. The approaching body is growing. The girl seems to be sad and angry. She wears a gray – blue robe and a red headscarf. Bold color combinations stand out from the rust-red walls.

 I look to the left and see another girl playing in the yard. She wears a knee-length pleated skirt and tights and a scarf . The girl jumps all on her its own .


The date of acquisition

 You can go to bed at 9 clock in the evening and get up early with the birds .

 I do not know who I am. But I know my friends. I have confidence in all who know me . There seems to be a consensus , to always recognize  the same person in me. But I know nothing , do not even remember how my own face looks like .

 After lunch , everybody is having lunch, people sit or stand leaning against a wall. And it is quiet . For days I have not eaten anything that comes out of  a box or  a can. I want to run away from this beautiful place with its nice , friendly people. I eat humble pie, would like to clean my room at home , thoroughly, open the windows , let in light and hang out the laundry in the sun.

 The chain is broken. A woman comes out of nowhere and raises her hand in greeting. She calls me „jewel“ and disappears.

 There are many ghosts in this city, as everywhere , says the doctor , to which I ‚m going to have my skin examined. She looks only at my moles . Maybe she’s right , but I do not know if it’s that what ist is. It‘s rather the increased attention. The eyes are covetous and so are the other senses . I want to buy a dress that I can wear until it falls off by itself.

 I ask the Doctor if theres was a river where I can wash my clothes .


What I want above that

 In the evening again someone has  painted this starry sky background with oil paints on a huge canvas cloth. The moon is lying on her ear as usual .

 Inwardly, I stomp my foot and seem to be wanting something. But what do I want?

 My friends have become a comedian duo , a very witty comedian duo , playing with temperaments . The duo exchanges their rolls skillfully. Everybody is exchanging roles, exchanging roles and exchanging clothes. Who is weraing the skirt of another, participates in his essence . We are all no more vain, but we know how to love . Is there still money? We know that our brain can not conceive or imagine everything and therefore we have inspirations . Advertising is no more, the word is now used for something else. The advertisers are sitting in a council together with other people who have also inspirations .

 The motif of the sky bathes the Terrasse du café in a blue light , against which it vigorously reacts with yellow light bulbs to fight back. I am looking for my philosopher. I want to meet him.


The unresisting void

 The hair on my head has no weight and it all happens simultaneously. In my thoughts I am biting in a piece of pastry filled with lentils wishing for pleasant timelessness. There are no changes anymore, only simultaneity. No interplay between more loud, quiet , good and bad – no, everything happens at the same time and always at any time. But I hear, feel and I notice only excerpts from this simultaneity. It still seems like a concatenation .

 I look up and think I must have slept for ten years. Although I am a very young little human beeing I have already developed a few white hairs on y head, shimmering in silver. My hair is growing within days that go by like seconds and soon I have a real hairdo . A man appears , it is not the philosopher . He does not talk much . He takes a piece of metal in his mouth and says that he is working with copper. His teeth I do not see . Working with metal reminds me of motorcycles and garages where stainless steel is lying around in tube form and must be bolted or welded. All parts are dirty and do not interest me. They exert no attraction . Nevertheless, I follow the man from the metal industry. He is friendly and full of love.

 I need other people ! not only are these digital visions in silence. I look around and see my kitchen wall.


 The time has come on Saturday

 The metal -eater takes me to a Bat Mitzvah . This is for girls he says. In the synagogue Hebrew is spoken exclusively. I do not understand a word . The metal -eater has taken his leave on the doorstep. He is a Tattooed , he has rings on his face , his skin is colorful and perforated. In the future, everybody will look like this, I am aware of that somehow .

 The ceremony runs haphazardly . No one seems to know what happens next. Parts are read from the Torah. It is then decided sangfroid, who may continue to read. Two men disappear behind a curtain and discuss aloud. I do not understand what they are saying . The ceremony comes to a standstill . Except for me no one seems to be bothered. I  catch myself thinking that I want to be in the center of a ceremony. I want to stand up and propose to all a big water baptism , in dresses. Perhaps they would be willing to go along, but then I’d have to be the Messiah and I just do not trust myself to be prepared for that job.

 I leave the synagogue. Outside, the warm sunlight awaits me and so does the metal eater, the bouncing girl, the philosopher , the doctor and Munzif the Berber with his tea. There is still not a straight path, just an open space and the shade in the Terrasse du café.


Your daughter of commandment

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